1833 Ganaste is present with América Viva for the donation of a house for the «Casitas Media Agua» project in Honduras

1833 Ganaste, a legal advisory company was present to donate a house for the «Casitas Media Agua» project in Honduras

This project is an initiative of the América Viva organization where they are delivering houses to people who lost everything during Hurricane ETA that passed in Central America in 2020. With the delivery of this donation, a total of 8 houses of the 10 that the project of the organization has proposed to deliver in the area of La Lima Honduras

1833 Ganaste took part in the Brunch organized by America Viva where he delivered a check for the construction of the house in Copen Viejo that together with América Viva and the pastor Salvador Arrieta were in charge of construction and logistics

Then there was the musical presentation where many local artists came and shared their talent with everyone present. It has been a pleasure and a great experience to have had the people who attended and spent a pleasant moment with family and friends. On behalf of América Viva, we want to thank the non-profit participation of the singers: Borggia (a voice for music), Jaquelin (La Estrellita de América), Cami, Johnny Bauttie, Lina La Señora, who captivated those present with its wonderful presentation.

video of the event